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Septic Works is a family owned and operated business that excels in offering quality service in the septic industry. Joe was raised in a family of plumbers, which taught him the importance of being customer focused, keeping a holistic perspective of septic systems and the importance of consistent septic system maintenance.

Quite often the strangest problems in the home, such as gurgling sinks, slow flushing toilets, stinky and soggy areas in the yard, yet worst of all getting a "back flush" right into your bathtub- these are all signals that your septic system needs to be pumped out.

Unfortunately, for septic systems that have not been maintained on a regular basis- pumping is not enough. Solids may have been pushed out into the drainage area creating a thick mat preventing liquids from flowing out of the septic tanks or delivery pipes may have damaged by tree roots or excess weight. Joe has the expertise in these situations to know whether the septic system has been too compromised and needs replacement or that attepting to blow out the mat and restoring the original function of the septic system might be the perfect solution. New delivery pipes could be all that is needed.

To prevent septic system failure Joe recommends pumping your septic system every 2-3 years, this keeps your septic system operating correctly.

For more information or to schedule a pumping give Septic Works a call at (616) 292-5805

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To schedule a pumping or for for information about your septic system call Joseph VandenBerg 616-292-5805


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